Become Space Born

When your meditation becomes that empty space in the sky of the heart, it becomes like the moonlight in the space of consciousness. What a subtle and refined pleasure, beyond the mystic ecstasies of tears or laughter.

Akasha-ja, one born of space or space-born. Imagine a being whose being is space alone. Space is not considered an emptiness in ancient Indian physics, but a condition of matter. The subtlest condition of matter. Many of you have practiced the purification of tattva, these subtle conditionings of matter through practices such as bhuta-shuddhi, and others.

So continue to aspire for that as much as you can. When in meditation you have purified and refined your inner-eye, you will find that this physical body is a cave in which you dwell. And there is a deeper cave inside that cave, and yet deeper, so you keep going.

In that inner space, in moments of absolute silence, slowly you learn to dwell in that cave and all sense of dimension ceases. You return to your breath and to your mantra. Then you will go deeper, touch a moment of silence, come back to your breath or your mantra. Go deeper, letting the breath refine, let the mantra refine, letting stillness expand where mind becomes centered on a single point, the whole mind becomes a single point.

This is no longer meditation of concentration which is separation; but a union where even mystic emotions rest in quietude and stillness. Such a subtle state reveals the light within, for you now are that appropriate receptacle, you are the pure space (akasha-ja), consciousness, and a configuration of space. The very nature of such a space means, the “holder-of-light”, Chidgangana-Chandrika, as Kalidasa has written in his poem of the same name. When such a brilliant light shines illuminating sushumna – the prana-path guiding in this sky of consciousness – para-akasha, illumination is revealed in its source.

May silence and stillness unfold as light and fullness in your daily meditation. Om