Blessings of Grace and Transformation at this special time of atonement and redemption. May God’s grace be with you and your family throughout the year with well-being, peace, and contentment.

Many of us relate to the beauty and awe of these ceremonies and celebrations. Of all the Christian Liturgies, the Eastertide liturgies are the most sacred and mysterious in their symbolism and meaning. We are so fortunate that Swami Rama and Swami Veda gave such extensive commentaries on the Christian Scriptures to understand these layers of meanings and levels of experience for all of us.

Through prayer, meditation, and contemplation we come to understand Christ-Consciousness, and realize Truth. Through atonement, abandonment (death), resurrection (transformation), and redemption, we discover the path and purpose of life and sadhana. May we continue in our evolution with victory over death, and liberation over ignorance to awaken (muksheeya), the Oneness of our true nature, and the Eternal Presence of Being.

with gratitude and blessings of the Lineage,
Swami Ritavan