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Mahasamadhi Anniversary and
Guru Purnima at SRSG

by Sofia Foteina

Swami Veda Bharati 4th Mahasamadhi Anniversary and
Guru Purnima at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG).


And I said to myself: ‘What a wonderful world.’

Two big celebrations on the 14th and on the 16th of July 2019 and at the same time a metamorphosis  of the ashram to an even more beautiful place and for sure an even more powerful community of people. All these celebrations moved by love.

Love was and is the metamorphosis of the ashram.

Love was and is the remembrance of our beloved Swamiji.

Love was and is Guru Purnima, the remembrance of the unique of all relationships, of Guru-disciple, in this life and thereafter.

Being in silence, another dimension of the events was unveiled before my eyes.

The Non-Permanent

Both mornings of these auspicious days, temples and the Meditation Hall - all the sacred places of the ashram - the container bigger sacred place - rituals were going on from morning till evening. At the beginning of each day, there was a special ritual for honoring with flowers and showering with holy water drops - flowers, people, fruits and sweets that would be offered, and Swami Rama’s unique picture in the ashram with Swami Veda Bharati’s picture of hands in meditation next to Him. Garlands and rose petals uncountable, innumerable, in abundance. Low tables for Shiva, the Divine Mother, and other divinities were decorated and covered with beans, lentils, rice, mustard seeds and green mung; each with its color formed different mandalas on them. So much work to prepare them. In the evening all flowers were removed. Next day, there was another ritual to place the fresh ones. At the end of the celebrations, flowers, petals, and seeds were removed. The blankets that were spread on the marble floor or were folded to create a sit were all removed. A white marble construction was left, neat and simple. Such a discreet way for us to be reminded that everything material is to be used, but lasts only for a short while. Nothing is permanent. I had the same impression some many years ago in Japan. Now I can name it. It seems that this wisdom is only known in the East, for the moment.

Saumya-Tara Mantra and Fire Offering in Yajna Shala

Absorbed in the flames, as chanting the saumya-tara mantra a soothing thought immersed. My mind was filled with Swamiji’s words (from an article he wrote on Saumya, in 1999 and 2002):  ‘If you want to know what a saumya feature is like [remember] the face of your mother when she was suckling you on the breast and looking down at you. That was saumya face. Pray that your face may be seen like that face by all living beings-not only by your family and friends and neighbors and your co-nationals, but all human beings and all living beings. [Let them seek you out]…as hungry children come and crowd around their mother…’

What else can one say but pray to have a saumya heart that will reflect on one’s face and as Swamiji says again:

‘In these times, when there is discord, conflict, when there is ample exhibition of fire in the world, we need each one of us to become a saumya person. Let your presence bring mildness to the enflamed nature in the events around you.’

And I said to myself: ‘What a wonderful world it would be’ (if only we could be saumya people on the earth).

Keep praying to God and Guru to give me strength not to stop trying to unite people, countries and…and… and…

Editor’s Note:

Sofia was doing a 90 silence retreat at SRSG during these events. She is centre leader of Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas in Athens, Greece.



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