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Yoga Day Program in Bangalore

by Namita Sinha

Yoga Day Program at the New Bangalore Centre

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated at the newly opened Bangalore centre - Urdhva Yoga over two days with different groups.

The centre opened its doors to students in March 2019 and has been slowly and steadily adding students to the daily hatha classes.

Swami Veda’s Message for International Yoga Daywas the inspiration behind this program, where we strived to learn deeper aspects of yoga according to ancient texts and what can yoga grant in the contemporary world.

A modest gathering of 16 people came together for this program; most are working professionals putting in long hours at work, commuting, and managing homes. Many seek yoga classes for physical and therapeutic benefits and for some relaxation. The vast and deep potentials of yoga are unknown to most.

We opened with Guru-Brahma mantra followed by a 60-minute hatha and pranayama practice. A basic meditation with breath awareness and Soham mantra was guided for 15 minutes, followed by a talk on the meaning of yoga and contemporary examples of application of yoga philosophy in daily life.

Most participants were new to yoga traditions of India, particularly Himalayan Yoga Tradition; they expressed interest in knowing more and explored the book section. Some also bought the books – Living with the Himalayan Masters, Sadhana in Applied Spirituality, The Art of Joyful Living, Exercises for Joints and Glands and Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation booklet.

Participants expressed interest in yoga philosophy and requested it be included in daily hatha sessions – the kindling of this interest was experienced as the Grace of the Guru.

Tasmai shri gurave namah.

The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation

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