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World Yoga Day Celebrations in Pune

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

World Yoga Day Celebrations at the Swami Rama Yoga and Meditation Center Pune

Jai Gurudev!

It was a conscientious and compact group of seventeen that met at 7am on 23 June 2019 to celebrate the World Yoga Day and the 8th anniversary of the Swami Rama classes. It was held at the Cloudnine Hospital Pune. The hospital had provided the space as well as a sumptuous breakfast for the event. We are grateful.

The participants were from all walks of life and followed every instruction with attention and zeal. Dr. Shirin and Durgeshwari enjoyed sharing our rich and inspiring tradition. All felt the Grace of the Guru flowing during the meditation, and there was a palpable silence. The 40 minute meditation lead by our beloved Swami Veda Bharati seemed as though they passed in five minutes. “Was it really 40 minutes? It seemed more like 5 minutes” was the response.

After session 1 which included morning prayers, and Joints and Glands exercises with back exercises, pranayama and then meditation, there was an enjoyable breakfast break. This was followed by a short session on digestive breathing. It had been planned that the workshop will come to a close by a surprise flute rendition. Mr. Vishwas Karandikar one of our talented participants played Raag Desh. It was so good that we fell into a meditative mood again. Suddenly someone suggested that Mrs. Avanti sing! So she sang the Pasayadan which is a composition by Sant Gyaneshwar; it asks Divine Intelligence to bestow It’s Grace on mankind such that we are bonded only by love and kindness to each other and filled with the Bliss of Truth.

Thus a memorable celebration came to an end, marked by the spontaneity of all participants and with the promise of meeting again!

Dr. Shirin



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