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3 Year Anniversary – Initiation

by Joe Garrison


Dear Family,

3 years ago we all went up to Randall's house in Los Angeles - Linda Billau came from Minnesota for the weekend: Day 1 - Yoga Nidra, Day 2 - Initiation. Mary Brown and I were talking, and we told both each other - "I've been looking for this all my life." I always remember us BOLTING out to go get coffee! It was so funny - we white knuckled it for the entire weekend - and the wonderful part was learning we were in the same space dealing with such similar things.

We do Full Moon Meditation every month (though I don't attend physically). And it's a joy to wake up every Sunday and do group meditation together. May we continue this habit. So grateful for the 3 year Saumya-Tara Practice we're doing with all the others throughout the world. The Yoga Sutras states - a wise person knows that all pleasure leads to suffering. Attachment. Yet, I think of you all every day when reciting the Saumya/Tara Mantra.

May every being be enlightened, and their suffering alleviated.

Tan me manah shiva sankalpam astu




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