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February 2015 Newsletter

Roads to Silences video

Roads to Silences VideoPető Szabolcs (Szabi) shares with us the video Roads to silences (India | 2014). And writes:

"I have still a long way to go but at least I am already on the way. I am looking for the narrow path that suits my own rhythm and samskaras the best. I am a seeker like the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram's inhabitants. We are seeking that inner self whom the dust needs to be wiped off. We must peel the veils of oblivion off which, like layers of an onion, conceal that which live in all of us. We're seeking the roads that lead us to ourselves. The roads to silences."

We prematurely published news about this video last month before the final editing, and Szabi had written

“We – the translator, Kata and me – worked for weeks with the English subtitles until now in order that every member of our Tradition can watch and understand the film... One can choose between Hungarian and English subtitles in 'Settings' under the video.”

Please enjoy Roads to silences (India | 2014) at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA4X7P1oEIk

Mauni Amavasya January

January 20th was Mauni Amavasya, “No Moon Day of Silence”. We invite you to read experiences shared by sadhakas about this day and to listen to Swami Veda Bharati talking about Silence (click on title).

February and thoughts turn to love

Please click on title to watch Swami Rama talking about Love.

Treading the PathNow available!

Audio Lecture by Swami Rama: “Treading the Path”. Please see http://hihtindia.org/coming-soon-audio-lecture-by-swami-rama-treading-the-path/

A Baby Brother!

Loving wishes to Jay Prakash Bahuguna, his wife Kiran, daughter Janavi, and their addition to the family. We are fortunate to have Jay Prakash as a photographer who provides many of the photos that you enjoy in the newsletters.

If you click on the photos in the newsletter, you can usually view a much larger version, with more details.

We invite you to share what is happening in their centers and your experiences, insights, and questions. With such sharing, we can learn more about one another and strengthen one another in our sadhana, becoming a true “sangha”.  We welcome your articles. You can write to ahymsin@ahymsin.org

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February 2015 Newsletter Articles

  1. The Ancient Traveler by Swami Rama
  2. Silence Can Be Your Wishing Stone by Swami Veda Bharati
  3. A Day Designed In Silence by Warren Garstecki
  4. Now, let us share a day of silence. by Pandit Tejomaya
  5. Silence Day in Enschede, Netherlands by Riemke de Groot
  6. Mauni Amavasya: A Secret Enclosure by Joanne Sullivan (Divya)
  7. Mauni Amavasya & the Purpose of Silence by Ahimsa Ishaya
  8. Mauni Amavasya in Ludhiana by Sunil Trika
  9. Last Desires by Swami Veda Bharati
  10. Celebration in Pune!
  11. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…
  12. Inspirations 3 by Meeta Jagtap
  13. Addendum to Austerity of Speech by Michael Smith
  14. Aspects of Effective Speaking by Michael Smith

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