Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Pain and Silence

by Swami Veda Bharati

A painful physical condition grants me many advantages and benefits, such as these:

  1. It enforces on me preservation and intensification of energy in the form of silence which I enjoy.
  2. It enforces silence on those who need to see me. They are advised to come and sit in silent meditation, thus pulling away the curtain of verbosity that exist between teacher and the taught. They need to learn this silent communion.
  3. It makes me abandon my pursuit of intellect, the attachment to books and writing, so I may go into meditation --- the only thing one can do for prolonged periods without discomfort when in pain.
  4. It makes me practice to go very quickly to those intense places within which are centres beyond the reach of pain and physical discomfort. It
    1. gives the Guru spirit a chance to enter me and heal me;
    2. teaches me the art of self-healing;
    3. makes me go into intense depths quickly,
    4. thus making me spiritually progress faster.

God’s gifts are many; oh, so many.

May you find God’s gifts to be precious even when they come in p(l)ain wrappers.

21 August 2011



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