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July 2014 Newsletter

12th July 2014 Full Moon Meditation
Guru Purnima

Please join us worldwide for the monthly "Full Moon Meditation".

“This day, the day of Guru Purnima, is considered to be the holiest day for the students of life; for those that have been treading the path of light; for those aspiring to attain enlightenment in this lifetime. They remember this day and celebrate it by becoming aware the purpose of life is to attain enlightenment; the state of mind, internal state that makes one free from all pains and miseries.” — Swami Rama

To read Swami Veda’s Guru Purnima message for this year: http://ahymsin.org/main/swami-veda-bharati/guru-purnima-12th-july-2014.html

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Table of Contents

  1. To That Guru
  2. Guru Purnima Message by Swami Rama
  3. Guru by Swami Rama
  4. Mastering Yoga Nidra by Swami Veda Bharati
  5. Anniversary Celebrations by Dr. Shirin Venkat
  6. The End of Children's School Year by Mónika Bertalan
  7. The Grace of the Guru by Aditi M. Gaur
  8. An Intangible Beauty by Daniele Belloni
  9. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is ...
  10. Walk Up to Guru Purnima 2014 by Joanne Sullivan (Divya)
  11. What Is Mastery in Yoga? by Swami Veda Bharati
  12. New Book Published: Anant Ki Khoj by AHYMSIN Publishers
  13. Some Coming Attractions at SRSG

Our next edition is planned for sometime in July or August, 2014. Deadline for each month's issue is the first week of that month, and issues come out at the end of the month.

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