Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

“Silence, the voice of the soul”

European Retreat of the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation

organized by HYI-ITALY
La Verna (AR) 21-24 June 2012

That "singing" without sound, making vibrate the slightest chords of that wonderful instrument of celestial harmony that we are. And becoming surrendering notes of that music and being played by it means to become still and listen to that inner soundless sound.

An unforgettable rendezvous: Swamiji, his sweet and loving Presence, his teachings before "withdrawing" into his long term silence to become he, himself, an even more subtle note of the Universe.

Accompanied by his fantastic team of Swamis and teachers who, since a long time, follow Him, supporting Him, loving Him… travelling all around the world, introducing and sharing the ancient evergreen wisdom of the Himalayan Tradition: Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, Stephen (Stoma) Parker.

And, among them, there we were … so many people, coming from all parts of the world, to spend together these four days of intense listening, study, sadhana, and good moments of relaxation, good food and that special refreshing green of Mother nature all around.

That "Bosco delle Fate" (Faery wood!) where rays of light seemed to weave invisible geometries, accompanying our steps on our way back from the Sanctuary. Sacred places so loved by St. Francis of Assisi and all the pilgrims reaching the cave where the Saint used to pray and meditate … so many times we visited it ... reaching it, in silent walking , as we did this time.

And the place always appears a little bit different … each time the miracle of its beauty in the contemplative ecstasy of a continuous changing flow of energy seems to rejuvenate it, inviting people to sit, still, savouring the echo of those vibrating notes of prayer and meditation left in Space…

Intense and rich days, containing everyone in such an infinite hug of Love.

This "geography" of idioms and people found here, the quality of that union, forgetting any language, any gender, all definitions… sit one by the other, ready to receive Swamiji's last teachings before silence will empty his words and replace it with that " Voice of the Soul ".

Early in the morning, prayers and meditation opened every day of this seminar and follow with the open sessions freely chosen by everyone: Hatha Yoga sessions, contemplative walking, Pranayama, guided by the teachers of Himalayan Yoga Institute of Florence.

The new TTP group, in its 1st year training, participated to the seminar enjoying also specific sessions of study and the final Satsanga with Swamiji and his team.

Silence was the main subject. The "sound", that soundless sound, that vibration becoming intention, then manifestation of Creation itself.  Words, movement dispersing that source of energy which, in silence, merges again into the oasis of peace and wholeness of the real Being.

During these days in La Verna everything became a way to that "Serenade to God with a song".
Entering the "garden" of our heart… and there stay, rejoining our true Birth of Light.

"Muksheeya ". That freedom, in a total and pure offer of our self to that Divine Self.

During the seminar, people were asked to observe moments of silence savouring the quality of being nurtured by it and opening themselves to receive the teachings, in the future, without words and with more subtle vibrating inspirations.

Laura, the official translator of this and so many others seminars, was a deep observer and extraordinary interpreter always finding the right tune!

A special time when Swamiji met the kids, some of them really little ones, some others more grown up! That "Om" whispered in their ears is now accompanying them … such a special Blessing.

On the last night, in the big hall, we had an evening performance of music and dance: "Sounds of earth and sky". Several huge gongs and Tibetan bells, crystal bells and drums accompanied the dancing, inspired by those sounds… From stillness to sound to manifestation to movement to stillness again … The chaos and the order … Tandava, Shiva's dance: creation, maintenance and dissolution. Ending with a final meditation for all.

The book-space, also this year, was so rich of many new books, cd, dvd, translations … satisfying the curiosity and " huge" spiritual appetite of all sadhakas!!!

Those were the days… sharing and being enriched. The "nectar" of the teachings received will follow its path as the river follows its way to the final goal … the Ocean!

smera smera stimita


Hari om

Sabina Cesaroni,  HYI-Italy

Cristina Nobile of the Himalayan Yoga Institute Italia writes that you can see two galleries of photos and the article (in Italian and English) about the European Retreat at this link:  http://www.himalayaninstitute.it/?page_id=2364 

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