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  AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - April 2012  

Inauguration of Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center Noida, India

by Jaya Bhagat and Arjun Banarjee

At the request of many aspiring students, a new center has opened in Noida, India.

The Inauguration was on the evening of 10th February 2012. The Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center has been opened with the blessings of Swami Veda Bharati and will be managed by Mrs. Jaya Bhagat, who has been associated with the organization for many years now.

Swami Veda Bharati personally inaugurated this center and blessed the gathering. He conducted a guided meditation session. Thereafter he spoke to the audience imparting his wisdom on the spirit of yoga and the true path to practice. Swamiji was gracious to answer many questions from the audience and interacted with them at a personal level filling them with his wisdom and being a guide in their spiritual quest.

The event left all of the attendees energized, motivated and inspired to pursue the path of yoga and meditation. Now we pray that the center is yet another success and becomes a node for the spiritual progress of all who gather here.

Some of the pictures have been uploaded at the following weblink: https://picasaweb.google.com/arjun.banarjee/HimalayanYogaMeditationCenterNoidaInaugurationFeb10th2012

Swamiji writes, “Jaya Bhagat has made a part of her home available - and how traveling teachers like Ma Radha are taking care of these centres…Recently (on 31st March inauguration of Shri-chakra temple) she [Jaya Bhagat] rendered such heart-touching ‘kirtan of Ma’ at the Ashram. All members there call her Guru-Ma.”

Located in the Naional Capital Region, Noida is an integrated township, offering facilities for industrial, commercial and residential activities. NOIDA, an acronym for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is located on the left bank of the Yamuna River near Delhi and was developed in the 1970's as a modern industrial city. There has been extensive growth of population in Noida and there is now a Greater Noida township being developed on the outskirts of NOIDA, to cater to the phenomenal influx of population into this region. 

Center name: Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center

Center Leader: Mrs. Jaya Bhagat

Email: jayabhagat369@ gmail.com