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  AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - April 2012  

TTP News

by Maryon Maass

Our March 2012 SRSG Teacher Training Program retreat ended on a meditative note. We were privileged to be included in Swami Veda’s “The Meditative Voice” course.  These special lectures were specifically for the cadre of translator meditators who will be translating and then recording meditations in their native languages.

One practice Swamiji emphasized was to chant OM with the emphasis on “M.” Swami ji said, “The M is the gateway to silence. Then, a pause after the sound resonates, to feel and sense the result of that vibration.” I for one feel ever grateful to receive inspiration from Swami Veda’s wellspring of knowledge.

Our group of 25 Level 1 students gathered together from Germany, USA, India, Holland, Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Thailand, UK, Ecuador and India. Our ages spanned nearly 60 years. Though our backgrounds were diverse, all had one thing in common. All were there to deepen their personal sadhana to go into greater depth in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. We were blessed with an esteemed faculty including Swami Ritavan, Swami Ma Radha, Marilou Hermens, Peter Fabian, Ashutosh Sharma, Randall Krause, Rahul Baluni and our wonderful team of ashram teachers.

Are you almost ready for Level 2?

How are your studies going for Level One?  Are you nearly ready to be promoted to Level 2?  Do you need some help to complete the many faceted process? Contact your mentor and have a “Support Hour.” Mentors can also contact me at hyt.ttp@gmail.com or Randall Krause for assistance. I can send you a check list for how to finish up the loose ends before you register for your Level 2 retreat. We will be offering Levels 1 and 2 July 8 – 21 in Minnesota, USA (see http://www.hyt-ttp.com/stpaul.html) and Levels 1, 2 and 3 November 11 – 24, 2012, here at SRSG (see http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/india.html). We encourage you to come in November 2012 for further training since our March 2013 is only Level 1 at this time unless there is enough interested Level 2 and 3 students to offer the more advanced trainings – keep checking the website (http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/) for updates. We encourage all of you to check your personal sites for Mentor Contact hours needed.

News bulletin: In May we will publish tips and advice for how to complete your mentor contact hours.

Editor’s Note:

The Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP) is a systematic, sadhana-based program. "Sadhana" is a Sanskrit word which means undertaking a practice so as to cultivate and refine one's character. The main goal of our program is to deepen the students' sadhana so that they can transmit authentic yoga teachings to others, not only from a storehouse of academic knowledge, but also from a depth of personal experience. Certification Options in the Teacher Training and Continuing Studies Program in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition include a 200 Hour and a 600 Hour program. HYT-TTP offers an integrated program of self-transformation in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters as interpreted by Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Our parent organization, AHYMSIN, Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International, is dedicated to making available the teachings of Swami Rama. Please visit our website: http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/