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  AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - March 2012  

Something Swamiji Said

by Rob Diggins

I could hardly keep from laughing out loud!...it was probably the day I finished a 40 Day Silence practice at SRSG in early February 2010.....sadhakas were arriving from all over the world for the 2010 sangha....the meditation hall was practically full and swamiji was welcoming the group by a spontaneous darshan....among many topics he happened onto the practice of mouna...and my ears perked up even more(!)..."as many of you know who have just finished your Silence practice, it was, more-or-less, 'spiritual entertainment' (Ha! Guffaw! - I 'silently' chortled!)....the next time you come, will do it the 'old-fashioned way' (or something to that effect!), etc."....and Swamiji spoke a bit more about what he meant by this.

What resonated deeply with me though, was just how exactly he described my experience of the 40 Day practice....it was, tremendously entertaining (the practice that is)!! So entertaining in fact, I had to work very hard to 'relax the muscles of your face'(more like, 'wipe that goofy smile off your face!')....and the whole concept of Silence (the question of Silence, etc.), was so brilliantly and wryly summed up.....

I wanted to do a little dance and holler 'Hallelujah!'...."I get it!".....but that was the next laughable perplexity...."wait a minute, why am I so excited by this feeling of absolute connection with what Swamiji just said?!"

And that was just it, I guess....how supremely slippery is the stuff of cognition....and.... what an invitation!!...."next time, come back and will do it the 'real way' (or something to that effect), your camel is waiting!"

I am sorry Swamiji, but, when you put it like that(!) how can I resist?! (....and how can I not find it the Ultimate, Supreme Entertainment,.... the Absolute End of Entertainment,.... The Last Word in Entertainment!)

Editor’s Note:

Honor Swami Veda’s many years of teaching and speaking to/with us by sharing some of what you have learned through this service he has given each of us. What is the Something Swamiji Said that impacted your life? In these years that you have had the pleasure of hearing him speak or have had the pleasure of speaking with him, what have you heard that has been important for you?

There is no set length. It can be short or it can be long. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, an article. It can have pictures and photos. It can be prose and/or poetry.

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