AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - April 2011  

My “su-hrd” — “beautiful-hearted” friend

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My su-hrd, beautiful-hearted friend,
Greetings from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh.

May the Lords of Sanctity sanctify each of your 21600 breaths daily
May the Divine Ladies of Serenity serenade each hour of your day
May the Godly keepers of gentleness continue to caress your mind gently
May the Mothers of Hours in the universe mother your mind every hour
May the Revelers of Truth reveal one cosmic truth to you every day
May the moons of your fortune never wane but only wax every month
May Those who grant Insights to the sages grant you new insights in every season
May many saints and sages visit your mind and your home to bless your family throughout the year
May Kubera the Treasure keeper of gods increase your treasures through the whole year
May the Masters of Time guide the hands of your clocks towards Infinity

These prayers and blessings are
Expressions of my heartfelt gratitude
For your generous help
In my Guru’s service

Swami Veda Signature (English)
Swami Veda signature Hindi

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